Program of Studies - General Info

Undergraduate Courses (General Info)

As part of the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Department offers a Program of Studies in Psychology leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc). The average length of time required for the completion of studies is four academic years or eight semesters. Courses offered are on a semester basis with each year comprising of two (thirteen week), Fall and Spring semesters. Courses are categorized into required and elective courses.
Courses are delivered in the form of Lectures, Seminars and Laboratories/ Workshops:

Lectures provide students with general knowledge in a particular area within psychology, are open to all students, and carry four to eight ECTS credits.

Seminars are open to 3rd and 4th year students (depending on prerequisites), with a maximum number of twenty-five students per class. Students are directed to in depth research and study of particular topic and a well-defined subject area. Seminars involve class presentations and preparation of term papers on a given topic at the end of the semester. Seminar titles may change to meet the developing interests of study areas and carry at least six ECTS credits.

Laboratories/ Workshops bear similar characteristics to seminars (described above) and in addition they have a practical and experimental character. Laboratory titles may change to meet the developing interests of study areas and carry at least six ECTS credits.

Foreign Language Instruction. English is currently the only foreign language offered in the Department of Psychology. A Placement Test is required to determine level of English. There are a total of five courses; two in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and three in English for Specific Purposes (ESP). All Courses focus on specific psychological areas and carry four ECTS credits. In addition, an optional course in Advanced English is also offered. Students can take courses in French, German or Italian offered by other Departments within the University.

Internship. In their final year of studies, students are required to complete 200 hours of internship during both semesters in any area of applied Psychology. The Internship is carried out in various institutions that collaborate with the Department, where applied psychology is practiced e.g. counselling centers, health facilities, psychiatric institutions, research centers, work centers, schools and hospitals. Students, who wish to do their internship, place an application in specific periods and following the prerequisites announced by the scientific committee of internship.

Undergraduate Thesis, senior year students might be required to write a thesis on a specific topic, under the supervision and guidance of a teaching staff member, serving as an advisor. The thesis must demonstrate the student’s theoretical, methodological and research abilities on a particular topic.

The Department follows the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
In order to graduate, one must accumulate at least 240 ECTS credit units.