Departmental Structure

Stella Giakoumaki
Department Chair
  • Office: A1.103 (1st floor, building A1)
  • 28310 – 77541
Manolis Dafermos
Substitute Chair
  • Office: Building of the School of Social Sciences, Α5.006
  • 28310 – 77521
Georgia Koukouraki
Administration Chair
  • Office: A1.007, Ground, building Α1
  • 28310 – 77543

Departmental General Assembly:

The governing body of every Department is the General Assembly. The Departmental General Assembly is composed of all permanent faculty members, as well as undergraduate and graduate student representatives and administrative staff representatives. The Head of the Department (or the Deputy Head) presides over the assembly.


Departmental Committees:

  • Committee of undergraduate studies
  • Committee of graduate studies
  • Committee of Internal Evaluation
  • Committee of Practical Training
  • Committee of Research Ethics
  • Committee of Academic Conduct
  • Committee of Course Certifications
  • Committee of Library
  • Committee of Departmental Web Page
    Erasmus Co-ordinator