Maria Georgiadi

Brief CV

I am qualified educator/psychologist. I hold two Bachelor Degrees, one from the department of Primary Education of the University of Patras and one from the department of Psychology of the University of Crete. I also hold a masters degree in special education and I have obtained a PhD in Educational Psychology with a specialization in special education. I have taught in several educational contexts (University of Crete, Institute of Professional Development, Seminars of continuous professional development, open university) and participated in several research projects. My research interests includes school inclusion of children with disabilities, children’s chronic illnesses and issues related to their psychological well being, students with special educational needs, developmental disorders (autism, mental retardation etc) and developing intervention programes for parents, teachers and students.

Career Development

  • Ministry of Education (2003 – 2017)
    • Special Educator
  • University of Crete (2017 – Today)
    • Laboratory Teaching Staff
  • Hellenic Open University (2017 – Today)
    • Collaborating Teaching Staff

Research Interests

Research interests: school inclusion of children with disabilities, children’s chronic illnesses and issues related to their psychological well-being, students with special educational needs, developmental disorders (autism, mental retardation etc.), intervention programs for parents, teachers and students.


  •  6/11/2018-31/8/2021: Promoting Social, Emotional, and Learning Skills of Students with and without Special Education Needs by Developing Teachers’ Capabilities in Music, Dance and Digital Competences, (‘rhythm4inclusion’ ),Erasmus +
  • 2013-2017: Researcher in Imagine Program of Brighton University in collaboration with the University of Crete (Ministry of Education, Ref., No.: 15 / 712 / 153543 /Date:18-10-2013) Research: Developing psychological Resilience in children and adolescents.
  • 1996: Researcher in International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement.
  • 2007-2008: Participation as researcher, Institution of professional development in intervention program: Sex stereotypes and prejudices in work market. (Ref. No: 693/2007-2008)

Selected Publications

  • 2020 Plexousakis, S., Georgiadi M., Kourkoutas, E., Gkintoni, E., Halkiopoulos, K.,& Roumeliotou, V.Enhancing sexual awareness in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A case study report. Ιn P.-Schaefer Whitby, Cases on Teaching Sexuality Education to Individuals with Autism, GB Global Pages:79-98. DOI:10.4018/978-1-7998-2987-4. 
  • 2017 Hart, A., Stubbs, C., Plexousakis, S., Georgiadi, M., & Kourkoutas, E. (2017). ‘One Step Forward’: Resilient strategies supporting the aspirations of vulnerable young people in foster care. In J. O’Reilly, C. Moyart, T. Nazio, & M. Smith (Eds.), Youth employment: STYLE handbook (pp. 24-26). Brighton
  • 2012 Georgiadi , M., Kalyva, E. Kourkoutas, E. and Tsakiris, V. (2012). Young Children’s Attitudes towards Peers with Intellectual Disabilities: Effect of the type of School. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 25,531-541.
  • 2010 Georgiadi, M. & Kourkoutas, E. (2010). Supporting pupils with cancer on their return to school: A Case study report of a reintegration program, Social & Behavioral Science, 5, 1278-82. ELSEVIER.
  • 2007 Kalyva, E., Georgiadi, M. & Tsakiris, V.(2007). Attitudes of Greek parents of primary school children without special educational needs to inclusion. European Journal of Special Needs Education, 22(3), 295-305.

Courses offered at the Undergraduate Level

  • Teaching Modules:
    • Learning Theories and Educational Act
    • Introduction in Special Education
    • Laboratory in Scientific Essay Writing (in Greek)
    • Writing an academic paper (in English)
    • Laboratory of Intervention Methods and Techniques for reinforcement of social interaction and communication of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder
    • Quality of life of child and adolescent with chronic illness in school.