Vision and Mission

Our vision is to establish the Psychology Department as an example of academic excellence. In order to continuously improve and provide first class educational services we are (a) constantly updating our undergraduate and graduate programs, (b) developing our infrastructure and personnel.

The outlines of our Mission are:

  • To give students from varying economical, social and cultural origins, the opportunity to complete their studies in Psychology at the highest possible level.
  • To have graduates who have a solid knowledge about the theoretical bases of psychological science.
  • To have graduates who are capable to carry over their acquired knowledge into their everyday interactions.
  • To have graduates who can critically evaluate theoretical views based on empirical data.
  • To provide students with a supportive framework for both academic and individual development.
  • To train students so that they are able to showcase their knowledge and skillsets.
  • To train future scientists who will have a broad skillset on all aspects of scientific psychology.
  • To prepare its graduates for successful career choices and further academic and professional development through post – graduate studies.

Career Choices

Upon graduation our students receive a general license to practice Psychology, under restrictions applied by state law. They are also well trained to seek further academic studies at a Masters or PhD level. They can also utilize our interdisciplinary program in order to seek professional careers in related fields like education, special ed, human resources and marketing (after post – graduate studies in those fields).

The Department also offers its own Masters Program in collaboration with OKANA and the Medical School of University of Crete in “Clinical Intervention in Addictions” and collaborates with several other academic departments throughout Greece for joined Masters Programs.