Kandylis Georgios

Brief CV

I studied Electronics Engineering at the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus and Psychology at the University of Crete. I obtained my MSc in Digital Communications Systems from the School of Electronics and Computer Engineering at Brunel University, as well as my master’s degree from the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program “Brain & Mind”. Departments of Medicine, Computer Science, Physics, Psychology, Philosophical and Social Studies at the University of Crete as well as the Departments of Nursing and Methodology of History and Theory of Science, at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the Institute of Informatics, Computational and Applied Mathematics of the Institute of Technology and Research. I am a PhD Candidate in Clinical Psychology with Experimental Behavioral Approaches. Department of Psychology, Panteion University.
I have been trained in Systemic Counseling and Psychotherapy at the Institute of Family, Systemic Counseling and Therapy in Chania (EFTA-TIC member) from 2005 to 2012. In 2013 I was certified in Systemic Psychotherapy and Family Therapy by European Family Therapy Association of which I am a member. In 2016 I completed a Postgraduate Clinical Education in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy at the Psychiatric Clinic of School of Medicine of the University of Crete.

Professional experience

  • University of Crete (2014 – Today)
    • Laboratory & Teaching Staff, Department of Psychology.
      Psychologist at the Counseling Center of the University of Crete, providing psychological support to undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • University of Crete (2004 – 2013)
    • Specialized Technical Laboratory Staff, Department of Psychology.
      Responsible of computer labs and computer-aided training activities, as well as the infrastructures of computer systems and networks of the Neuroscience, Clinical, Social, Experimental and School Psychology Labs.
  • Private Psychologist’s Office (2014-Today)
    • Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy. Group Therapy. Couple & Family Therapy.
  • Family Institute of Systemic Counseling & Therapy (2012 – 2017)
    • Collaborator with the Family Institute of Systemic Counseling & Therapy as a psychologist, co-therapist and therapist in weekly two-hour,
      monthly ten-hour systemic group sessions as well as co-therapist and therapist in couple and family therapy sessions.
      Ιnstructor, co-trainer and trainer in weekly experiential and theoretical seminars as part of theoretical training in
      systematic thinking, family therapy and couple therapy.
  • SYSWARE–ALTEC S.A. ΑLTEC Group (1997-2002)
    • Computer and Network Engineer.

Research Interests

My research interests focus on the use of digital technologies in psychotherapy and behavior analysis.

Courses offered at the Undergraduate Level

  • Laboratory for Statistics I
  • Skills in the Use of New Technologies

Courses offered at the Postgraduate Level

  • Group interventions in substance abuse and addiction