Aikaterini Venianaki

Brief CV

I graduated from the Department of Psychology at the University of Crete, and from the Department of Primary Education at the University of Aegean. I obtained my MSc and PhD from the University of Crete (Department of Primary Education) in Education Psychology and Research Methods.

  • 2008-2017: I was the Head of the Public Centre for Diagnosis and Support to Children with special needs (KE.D.D.Y in Chania, Crete).
  • 2011: Tutor – instructor in courses addressed to Members of Counselling Structures and Administrative Structures in the educational system (Ministry of Education).
  • 2007-2010: Tutor in courses for Primary and Secondary Education teachers concerning handling students
    with learning and behavior problems (Ministry of Education)
  • 2004-2009: Tutor in special courses designed for parents (parental skill development) (Ministry of Education).
  • 1998-2004: I was trained on family and group counselling by Experts in Mental Health. I participated in a treatment team attending Family Therapy groups at the Centre of Mental Health in Chania

Career Development

  • University of Crete (Department of Primary Education) (2010 – 2012)
    • Faculty Member (407/80).

Research Interests

My research interests are focusing on the Educational Psychology (Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, learning difficulties, Collaboration between parents and teachers, systemic approaches for students’ learning difficulties, emotional and behavioral problems).

Selected Publications

  • Venianaki, A. (2005). Ego-control and Ego-resiliency. Adaptation of Personality test Common Language Q-Set to Greeks . Sciences of Teaching 2, 103-118.
  • Venianaki, A. (2011). Ways of handling behaviour problems at school. In Ε. Papanis, P. Giavrimis, & A. Viki (Eds.). Research and teaching practice in Special Education (pp.71-96). Athens :Sideris Publications.
  • Venianaki, A. (2011). Decoding of spelling errors comparing female to male students facing or not reading difficulty. In Ε. Papanis, & P. Giavrimis (Eds). Research and educational policy in Special Education (pp.847-858). University of Aegean.
  • Venianaki, A. (2011). Decoding and reading comprehension of male and female third grade students of Primary School in the Province of Mylopotamos, Municipality of Rethimnon, Crete. SKEPSI, 4, 275-298.
  • Venianaki, A. (2014). Parents’ and teachers ‘agreement on behavior problems in children with reading problems. In C. Pracana (ed.). Psychological Applications and Developments: Proceedings. Advances in Psychology and Psychological Trend Series (pp.165-173). Lisbon: in Science Press.
  • Venianaki, A., & Doulia, A. (2016). The content of Collaboration between general education teachers and co-teachers in Elementary Schools. Journal of Education & Social Policy, 3 (3), 88-96.
  • Venianaki, A., & Zervakis, S. (2015). Collaboration Practices between Special Education Teachers and Mainstream Teachers in Secondary Education. Journal of Education & Social Policy, 2 (6), 42-46.
  • Venianaki, A. & Zervakis, S. (2017). Teachers’ perceptions about the obstacles for the implementation of collaborative practices. Conference proceedings of Socieτy and Education: Relationships under negotiation (Vol.1, pp. 183-190). Educational Region of Crete, Heraklion.

Courses at the Undergraduate Level

  • PSY 4721 Writing an academic paper
  • PSY 3319 Learning Difficulties
  • PSY 3112 The Contribution of Psychological studies to Intelligence in the Educational Process.
  • PSY 3320 Emotional Intelligence and School
  • PSY 2104 Intelligence: Theories and Theories and Concern for Intelligence.