Ioannis Tsaousis

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Brief CV

I graduated from the Department of Psychology at the University of Crete and obtained my MSc from the University of Reading (UK) in Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology. Finally, I received my Ph.D. degree (as a scholar of the Greek National Foundation of Scholarships) from the University of London – Goldsmith’s College in Psychometrics. My research interests include measurement theory, test development, and individual differences (i.e., personality and intelligence). The corollary of this research activity is the development and standardization of more than 20 psychometric instruments in Greek and English Language as well as numerous scientific papers in the fields of psychometrics and individual differences.

Career Development

  • University of the Aegean (1998 – 2007)
    • Faculty Member
  • University of Crete (2007 – Today)
    • Faculty Member

Research Interests

My research interests are focusing on the measurement and evaluation of human behavior. Particularly, I am interested in measurement theory and testing development of psychological concepts such as personality, intelligence, emotional intelligence, and other concepts related to abilities including verbal, numerical, abstract and spatial reasoning.

Research Grants

  • Greek Ministry of Finance & Development: “Development of a Psychometric Battery for the evaluation of Soft Skills” [2020-2022]
  • Greek Ministry of Defense: «Development and Validation of Psychometric Instruments for Selection and Assessment in Greek Army» [2014-2017]
  • National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP): : «Standardization of the revised versions of a Vocational Guidance Test battery» [2014-2015]
  • National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP): «Adaptation and Standardization of the EGuide + Vocational Guidance & Self-Assessment Measures in the Greek Language» [2013]
  • National Center for Vocational Orientation (ΕΚΕP): «Research Project on the Multicultural Skills of Greek Counselors» [2008]

Selected Publications

  • Sideridis, G. D., Tsaousis, I., & Al-Sadaawi, A. (2019). An Application of reliability estimation in longitudinal designs through modeling specific error variance. Educational & Psychological Measurement, 79, 1038-1063.
  • Tsaousis, I., Sideridis, G. D., & Al-Sadaawi, A. (2018). An IRT-MIMIC approach as a method for examining item response latency. Frontiers in Psychology, 9: 2177.
  • Tsaousis, I., & Sideridis, G. (2018). Differential Distractor Functioning (DDF) as a Method for Explaining DIF: The Case of a National Admissions Test in Saudi Arabia. International Journal of Testing, 18, 1-26.
  • Tsaousis, I., Sideridis, G., & Al-Harbi, A. K. (2018). Examining Differences in Within- and Between-Person Simple structures of an Engineering Qualification Test Using Multilevel MIMIC structural Equation Modeling. Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics: Quantitative Psychology and Measurement, 4, 3.
  • Tsaousis, I. (2016). The relationship of self-esteem to bullying perpetration and peer victimization among schoolchildren and adolescents: A meta-analytic review. Aggression & Violent Behavior, 31, 186-199.
  • Tsaousis, I., Zouraraki, C., Karagiannopoulou, L., Karamaouna, P., & Giakoumaki, S. (2015). The validity of the Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire in a Greek sample: tests of measurement invariance and latent mean differences. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 62, 51-62.
  • Karademas, E., & Tsaousis, I. (2014). The Relationship of Patient and Spouse Personality to Cardiac Patients’ Health: Two Observational Studies of Mediation and Moderation. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 47, 79-91.
  • Tsaousis, I. & Kazi, S. (2013). Factorial invariance and latent mean differences on scores on trait emotional intelligence across gender and age. Personality and individual Differences, 54, 169-173.

Courses offered at the Undergraduate Level

  • Psychometrics I: Psychometric Principles and Development of Psychological Scales (PSY-2202)
  • Psychometrics II: Basic Principles and Applications of Psychological Assessment (PSY-3201)
  • Statistics II (PSY-2201)
  • Development and Psychometric Evaluation of a Psychological Scale (Lab: PSY-4202)
  • Personality measurement: Theoretical Considerations and Applications (Seminar: PSY-3202)

Courses offered at the Postgraduate Level

  • Επεξεργασία Ποσοτικών Δεδομένων: Μέθοδοι και Τεχνικές Ανάλυσης