Dimitris S. Nikolopoulos

Brief CV

I am a University of London graduate and have pursued my Master’s Degree at the same University, on a grant from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Having acquired a scholarship from Leventis Foundation in Paris, I got my Ph.D from University College London (UCL). My subject is School Psychology.

Career Development

  • University of Patras (1998 – 2002)
    • Faculty Member
  • University of Crete (2002 – Today)
    • Faculty Member

Research Interests

My research interests lie on issues concerning school learning and attendance and more specifically in the identification and remediation of relevant problems. In particular, I have been involved with the study of the development of reading, spelling and meta-cognitive skills in the Greek orthographic system, the manifestation of dyslexia in it, the impact the transparency of the Greek orthographic system on the diagnosis of dyslexia, the emotional exhaustion exerted by chronic school failure, as well as with remediation programs aiming to assist individuals with learning disorders. I am also particularly interested in the study of learning-related skills such as the development and remediation of fine motor skills in novice or in more experienced pupils, as well as on how novice learners learn to write. Finally, my interests expand on the study of recent phenomena such as cyberbullying and the systematic attendance of these problems within school units (e.g. development and implementation of relevant curriculum programs)

Selected Publications

  • Nikolopoulos, D., & Chatira, K. (2014) Psychic Pain in Chronic School Failure / Learning Disabilities: Evidence from a Projective Technique. The Open Pain Journal. 7, 67-76.
  • Nikolopoulos (2009). Overcoming Reading difficulties: The first steps to confront decoding, fluency and reading comprehension problems. In G. D. Sideridis & T. A. Citro (Eds.). Strategies in Reading for Struggling Learners. (pp. 37-75) Rowman and Littlefield. 
  • Nikolopoulos, D., & Pothos E. M (2008). Dyslexic participants show intact spontaneous categorization processes. Dyslexia: An International Journal of Research and Practice, 15, 167-182
  • Nikolopoulos, D., Goulandris, N., Hulme, C., & Snowling, M. (2006). The cognitive bases of learning to read and spell in Greek: Evidence from a longitudinal study. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 94, 1-17.
  • Nikolopoulos, D., & Goulandris, N. & Snowling, D. (2003). Developmental dyslexia in Greek”. In N. Goulandris (Ed.). Dyslexia in Different Languages: Cross-linguistic Comparisons. London: Whurr Publishers.
  • Nikolopoulos, D., & Goulandris, N. (2000). The cognitive determinants of reading and spelling abilities in a regular orthography. In M. Perkins and S. Howard (Eds.). New Directions in Language Development and Disorders. Plenum Publishing Corporation, England.

Courses offered at the Undergraduate Level

  • Introduction to School Psychology (PSY – 2302
  • Development and Disorders of Written Language Disorders (PSY- 3301)
  • Introduction to Clinical Assessment Skills (Lab PSY- 4305)
  • Assessment of Academic Performance, Cognitive Skills and Emotional State of Children (Lab PSY – 4306)