Laboratory of Neuropsychology

Director: Stella Giakoumaki, Assistant Professor in Clinical Neuropsychology.

The Laboratory of Neuropsychology aims to promote:

  1. the teaching and research work that is related to Neuropsychology and other relevant fields of the Department of Psychology and other Departments of the University of Crete.
  2. the development of research protocols, the completion and participation in research studies related to Neuropsychology.
  3. the cooperation with other academic Departments of the University of Crete, academic and research institutes, state institutes, Institutions of Public and Private Law, public benefit foundations, national, European and international organizations involved in Neuropsychology as long as their aims coincide, are in agreement or mutually complementary.
  4. the dissemination of scientific knowledge on current issues related to Neuropsychology not only to the scientific community but also to the public.  
  5. the organization of educational programs, symposia, conferences, lectures and other scientific events.  
  6. the completion of scientific publications either independently or in collaboration with other academic/research institutes, state organizations, social organizations and public benefit national and international foundations.  

Lab Members