Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience

Director: Andreas Kastellakis, Asscociate Professor of Psychophysical Psychology

The Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience is located on the university campus in Gallos-Rethymno, Crete.

The research activities of the Laboratory include basic research, which mainly focus on the neural basis of brain stimulation reward; interactions between drugs of abuse and the brain reward system, the role of the endogenous cannabinoid system in behavioral processes and reward, and neurotransmitters’ interactions. Our studies span from molecular and biochemical processes to complex behavioral phenomena, related to psychiatric disorders. Our goal is to utilize basic knowledge gained from such complex relationships as psychotropic drugs, neurotransmitters and the brain, to help us develop therapies for treating and preventing psychiatric disorders. Our approaches include behavioral pharmacology and neuropharmacology/neurochemistry.

The educational activities of the Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience are part of the Department of Psychology undergraduate and graduate programs (Neuroscience, Health Psychology) at the University of Crete.

Lab Members