Department’s Identity

The Department of Psychology, which belongs to the School of Social Science of the University of Crete, was established in 1984 and enrolled its first students in the fall of 1987 at Rethymno. It is the first and the oldest Department of Psychology in Greece and for its founding the late psychologist Maria Hourdaki contributed greatly with her actions. Maria Hourdaki came from Rethymno and she served as an honorary president of the Department till her passing away in 2010.

One of the most important objectives of the Psychology Course is to provide students with the necessary resources in terms of theory, research and
practical training, that will allow them to actively engage in the development of
psychological knowledge and hence acquire the basic skills for the pursue of successful careers. For this purpose the Department structured a multilevel Undergraduate Program of Studies covering a wide range of subject-topics in fundamental areas of psychology science through foundational and advanced undergraduate courses. Furthermore, seminars and lab courses are incorporated providing the opportunity to students to delve deeply into the field of psychology and to develop critical thinking. 

For effectively implementing theory, research and practice the Department founded 5 laboratories (Experimental Psychology Laboratory, Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience, Applied Psychology Laboratory, Addiction Psychology Laboratory, Laboratory of Neuropsychology). The research experiences, combined with the course offerings and the practicum experience (200 hours) prepare students for graduate training or other career options.