M.Sc. Programme – Assessment, Measurement, and Evaluation at theUniversity of Oslo

In everyday life, work, sports, and in research, we are constantly comparing and ranking people and their achievements. You are and have been tested, assessed, and evaluated throughout your life.

Is test construction merely an art, or is there also some science behind it?

The Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation programme intends to train inquisitive students to become measurement specialists in the social and behavioral sciences. The programme offers rigorous training in research methods and data analysis using the free software environment R for statistical computing and graphics.

Apply for the Master’s program at the University of Oslo now (deadline 15 November!).

Specifics about the program and application requirements: https://www.uio.no/english/studies/programmes/assessment-evaluation-master/.

(Specialization on Bachelor’s level equivalent to 80 ECTS credits in social behavioral sciences or relevant studies in natural sciences or humanities with a measurement/statistics orientation. At least 15 out of the 80 ECTS must be courses in quantitative research methods or statistics).

Student experiences:

“This programme appealed both to my pedagogical experience and to my interest in analytics and modelling,” shares one of our most recent alumna. Read more about her experiences in the programme and what she does now: https://www.uio.no/english/studies/programmes/assessment-evaluation-master/career-interviews/nasseem-hessami.html.