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Brief CV

I have completed undergraduate studies in both Psychology and Business Administration and postgraduate studies in Human Resource Management, Counseling & Guidance and Cultural Management. My PhD has been awarded with a scholarship from HERAKLEITOS II (2013) in Social - Organizational Psychology at Panteion University. In 2019, with a scholarship from IKY, I completed a postdoctoral research at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki ("The cost of compensation and the value of motivation: The role of rewards systems and work outcomes in different working contexts in the light of Self-Determination theory”. I am a member of a number of scientific associations in Greece and abroad (eg CPhychol / BPS, EAWOP, APS, ELPSE, ELESYP) and for the last two years co-coordinator of the Section of Work- Organizational Psychology of ELPSE. For the last ten years I have been training at the Athens Institute of Anthropos in systemic theory/thinking and its application in various contexts (e.g therapy, group process, organizations).

Work experience _ applied work

I have taught courses in social-organizational psychology and behavior at undergraduate and graduate levels at the University of Crete, the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), University of Athens, University of Thessaly, ASPAITE, Hellenic Open University and University of Western Greece. For the last 15 years I have worked in positions of responsibility in organizations / companies and in bodies of Local Government (e.g. Development Company of the Municipality of Athens, Patras Municipal Enterprise) and I have collaborated with consulting, human resources, employment and innovation organizations as well as in the field of social services, by planning / submitting and implementing urban, cultural and social development projects.

Research Interests

My main research interests concern work motivation and well-being in the workplace, are related to economic psychology (eg pay and cooperation), and to the systemic approach and creativity / innovative behavior in management. All of my research focuses on both the individual level (eg career, work ethic, personal well-being) and the level of the organization (eg innovation, performance, fairness) as well as thw utilization of social psychology theories in the organizational field.

Research projects

  • 11/2018 – now /Collaboration with Anaïs Thibault Landry (University of Concordia) & Prof. Jacques Forest (UQAM). Research project: «Personal Values, Context and Creativity: Α SDT-based experiment in three countries»
  • 07/ 2017- 4/2020 /Member of the Scientific Committee. Research project: «Regeneration and Optimization of Cultural heritage in creative and Knowledge cities». (HORIZON 2020, SC5-21 Cultural heritage as a driver of sustainable growth)
  • 05/2017 -05/2019 /Member of the Scientific Committee. Research project: "ESTIA - Employment enhancement and Social services integration in Athens Municipality". Program: Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) program (Call for proposals for social policy innovations supporting reforms in social services)
  • 2014-2015/External Evaluator. Research project: "Transversal skills and job profiles". European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Unit Skills and Qualifications
  • 03/2005-06/2005/Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Operational Program for Education and Primary Vocational Training (EPEAEK ΙΙ) Title of Research Program: Promoting gender equality during the transition from education to the labor market: Counseling and career guidance actions from a gender perspective
  • 04/2005-05/2005/Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Operational Program for Education and Primary Vocational Training (EPEAEK ΙΙ) Title of Research Program: Gender identities, ethnic identities: investigation of violence and victimization at school
  • 2000/University of Stirling, Department of Business and Management Title of Research Program: Culture management at a European level: The social and cultural context
    USA, China, Greece


  • Thibault-Landry, A., Hsu Yu-Shan, Chen Yu-Ping, Papachristopoulos, K., "Why do monetary rewards not always work? Looking through the lens of self-determination theory". Compensation and benefits Review (submitted, under final revision).
  • Papachristopoulos, Κ. & Xanthopoulou, D. (2019). Functional meaning of rewards and interpersonal deviance in the workplace: The moderating role of basic psychological needs satisfaction. International Journal of Business Science and Applied Management, 4, 1-16.
  • Thibault-Landry, A., Zhang, Y., Papachristopoulos, K., & Forest, J. (2019). Applying self‐determination theory to understand the motivational impact of cash rewards: New evidence from lab experiments. International Journal of Psychology, 1-12.
  • Thibault Landry, A., Gagné, M., Forest, J., Guerrero, S., Séguin, M., & Papachristopoulos, K. (2017). The relation between financial incentives, motivation, and performance: An integrative SDT-based investigation. Journal of Personnel Psychology, 16, 61-76.
  • Karamanoli, V., Papachristopoulos, K. (2017). Military personnel and psychological support: An analysis based on Social Representation Theory. Journal of Military and Veterans’ Health, 25,10-18.
  • Karamanoli, V., Papachristopoulos, K., Karadimas, N. (2016). Organizational Behavior, Decision Making and Virtual Simulations in Military Personnel. International Journal of New Technology and Research, 6, 89-94.


  • Ψ-1502 Cross Cultural Psychology
  • Ψ-2502 Social Psychology of interpersonal relations
  • Ψ-3514 Group processes and intergroup relations