Zacharoula Kasseri

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Brief CV

I graduated from the Department of Social Administration (orientation: Social Work) at the Democritus University of Thrace and obtained my MSc from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Social Clinical Psychology of Addictions. Finally, I received my PhD degree (as a scholar of the Greek National Foundation of Scholarships) from the Democritus University of Thrace in Social Work. I have worked as a social worker in the social services sector and in Special Education. I also worked as a teaching staff in Technological Institute of Crete (Department of Social Work).

Career Development

  • University of Crete (2017 – Today)
    • Laboratory Teaching Staff
  • Special Education (2008 – 2017)
    • Social Worker

Research Interests

My research interests are focusing on addictions (psychosocial approaches, treatment models, treatment policies about drug-addicted individuals, gender and recovery) and qualitative research methodology (research design, collection and analysis of qualitative data).


  • A. Co-Editor [In Greek]
    • Kallinikaki, Th. & Kasseri, Ζ. (2014) (Eds.). Social Work in Education. Issues of diversities in schools. Athens: Topos Books
  •  B. Book chapters [In Greek]
    • 1. Κasseri, Ζ. (2014). Social work and empowerment of families of children with disabilities in education. In: Kallinikaki, Th. & Kasseri, Ζ. (Ed.) Social Work in Education (pp. 189-222). Athens: Topos Books.
    • 2. Κasseri, Ζ. (2014). The Contribution of Software in the Analysis of Qualitative Data: NVivo10 Software. In: G. Tsiolis: Methods and techniques of analysis in qualitative social research (pp. 427-486). Athens: Kritiki. ISBN: 978- 960-218-885-9
  • C. Scientific journals [In Greek]
    • Kasseri , Z. (under review). Social work in the addictions: in a search of virtue-based ethical practice . Social Work.
    • Kasseri, Z. (under review). Conducting a qualitative study in the field of addiction: dilemmas and challenges. Social Sciences Tribune.
    • Kasseri Z. (2008). Drug addiction, identity and gender: The narrative study of a single case. Hellenic Journal of Psychology, 5(1), 1-32.


Courses offered at the Undergraduate Level

  • Psychology of Addictions
  • Qualitative Methods in Social Sciences
  • Therapeutic Communities
  • Addictions and Special Populations
  • Collection and analysis of Qualitative Research Data

Courses offered at the Postgraduate Level

  • Research: Qualitative Methodology in the Study of Addiction