Anna Kontoroussis - Karageorge

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Brief CV

I did my undergraduate studies and earned my BA in Education at Hellenic College in Boston, USA. I completed my graduate studies (MSc) in Bilingual Education: English as a Second/Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) and English for Academic/Specific Purposes (EAP/ESP) at Florida State University in Tallahassee, USA. I continued my graduate studies (Ed. Sp.) in Psychology: Counseling Minorities at the same university.

Career Development

  • In Greece:
    • University of Crete-Department of Psychology (1988 – Today)
      • Specialized Teaching Personnel
        Instructor of EFL and ESP: psychology

Research Interests

My research interests are focus around the teaching of English as a foreign language and the teaching of English for academic specific purposes: psychology


  • Kontoroussis, A. (1983). Family. E.S.E.A
  • Kontoroussis, A. (1982). World Systems in Action. E.S.E.A

Courses offered at the Undergraduate Level

EFL courses:

  • ΨΑ 1701: Introduction to Psychology and social Sciences
  • ΨΑ 1702: Trends and Psychological Characteristics of Greek Society

ESP courses:

  • ΨΑ 2701 (ESP): Introduction to the Terminology of Clinical Psychology
    • Understanding basic mental disorders and approaches to treatment
  • ΨΑ 2702 (ESP): Introduction to the Terminology of Neurosciences
    • The biological foundations of behavior
  • ΨΑ 2703 (ESP): Introduction to the Terminology of Developmental Psychology
    • Course and causes of human development