Magdalini Flouri

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  • 2011- present: PhD student in Clinical Health Psychology, University of Crete, Department of Psychology
  • 2009 MSc in Clinical Psychology, Leiden University
  • 2007 Bachelor in Psychology, University of Crete, Department of Psychology

Doctoral Thesis Title

Pain, emotional regulation and dissociation

Brief Description

Through this research we aim to study three main issues. The first one is, (a) if emotional regulation as a dynamic process is related to pain management and (b) which of the emotional regulation strategies used are beneficial and which ones are not. The second one regards the study of dissociation and the possible ways it may be related to pain. Specifically, it is studied (a) whether pain sufferers with acute and chronic pain dissociate and (b) if they do, which sub type of dissociation is observed. That may seem as a technical issue but actually it is of great significance in regards with clinical interventions aiming in pain management. Moreover, (c) we aim to study the relationship between pain dissociation. The process and the context in which it may be utilized or induced in sufferers. Finally, through this research we aim to study the possible ways dissociation and self regulation may be related. To our knowledge, until now, dissociation is mainly studied either through hypnotic analgesia or by assessing if study subjects dissociated after a traumatic manipulation. Instead, in this study, dissociation is induced before any other manipulations. Additionally, despite most studies focus in detachment, here all possible sub types of dissociation are being studied.


  • Evangelos C. Karademas, Professor in Clinical Health Psychology
  • Panagiotis Simos, Professor of Developmental Neuropsychology
  • Calliope Hatira, Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology


  • Karademas, E.C., Karekla, M.,Flouri, M., Vasiliou, V.S., Kasinopoulos, O., & Papacostas, S. (2017). The Impact of Experiential Avoidance on the Relations Between Illness Representations, Pain Catastrophizing, and Pain Interference in Chronic Pain. Psychology and Health.
  • Karekla, M., Karademas, E.C., Vasiliou, V., Kasinopoulos, O., Flouri, M., Christou, G., & Papacostas, S. (2017). In Search for Novel and More Effective Psychological Treatments for Chronic Pain: The “Algea” Research Project. The European Health Psychologist.

Conference Presentations

Poster Presentations

  • Pachiti, I., & Spanoudis, G. (2019, October). Adaptation and standardization of a language skills test on Greek-Cypriot population. Poster Session presented at the 9th Annual Scientific Conference of the Center for Applied Neuroscience (CAN), University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus.