Postgraduate Courses

Joint Postgraduate Programme "Clinical Interventions in Addictions" 

Department of Psychology, Faculty of Medicine - in collaboration with OKANA


All information below concerns the previous MSc Program which is no longer available. 


Since 2004, the Department has initiated two new post-graduate programs leading to degrees in Master's of Science (M.Sc.) in School Psychology and Master's of Science (M.Sc.) in Health Psychology. The two programs have currently 17 graduate students (10 in the Health Psychology Program and 7 in School Psychology Program). The minimum period required for the completion of graduate studies is two academic years or four semesters.
The courses offered in the two graduate programs focus on a specialized thematic framework.

Core courses for both programs:
• Statistics
• Research Methodology
•Psycho-diagnostic Methods of Assessing Sensory Motor and Neuropsychological Development
• Psycho-diagnostic Methods of Assessing Personality and Behavior
• Internship
• Dissertation

School Psychology courses:
• Specific Issues in Developmental Psychology: Childhood & Adolescence
• Psychosocial Problems in Childhood & Adolescence
• Psychological Methods of Intervention: Individual, Group and systemic
• Psycho-educational Methods of Prevention and Intervention
• Educational System, Society and Community
• Cognitive Functions and Academic Performance
• Language, Learning and Behavior Disorders
• Psycho-diagnostic Methods in the Assessment of IQ and Learning Abilities
• Internship (1,200 hours in primary and secondary schools)

Health Psychology courses:
• Psychopathology in Children & Adults
• Biological Basis of Physical and Mental Illness
• Psycho-somatic and Somatomorphic Disorders
• Interpretive Approaches to Physical and Mental Health: Psycho-dynamic,Cognitive and Behavioral Approach
• Therapeutic Approaches: Therapeutic Methods and Techniques for Individuals with Severe Health Problems and Brief Therapies
• The Clinical and Social Dimensions of Somatic and Psychological Health and Illness
• Psychosocial Re-integration of Individuals with Mental Disease and Disability
• Organizational Health Psychology
• Internship (2,500 hours in health institutions)