University Library

The University of Crete Library was established in 1978 and is located at the Rethymno Campus. The central library is primarily oriented toward the Humanities, Education and Social Sciences. All active members of the academic community of the University of Crete - undergraduate and postgraduate students, faculty members and administrative staff - have the right to use the library material and services. Library users have access to workstations through which they may use the available electronic resources. Photocopying machines operating with magnetic cards, printers, scanners and microfilm readers are also available.

Library Services:

The central library in Rethymno has 250,000 book titles and 40,000 periodical volumes (1,300 current subscriptions), along with reference material, a short loan collection, and closed access collections.
The Library of the University of Crete is fully automated by an Integrated Library System called PTOLEMEOS II, which is a product of close cooperation between the Library and the Computing Centre of the University. This system is the main tool for searching the library print material, and is accessible either in text mode through telnet, or in web interface on a WWW/ Z39.50 client application. The WWW interface is more user-friendly and offers advanced searching options. It also provides the possibility of connecting to multiple electronic catalogues in Greece or nationwide simultaneously. The database of the Rethymno branch includes about 230,000 bibliographic records and is the second largest in Greece.
The Library Automation team - All the library’s electronic services are supported by an I.T. & R.D. Unit, strongly specialized in library automation. The team, which supervises and develops the Integrated Library System, is responsible for the introduction of Information Technology to the Library, and also cooperates with companies and organizations throughout the country and abroad, within research projects related to automation and implementation of I.T. in the Library.
Reference Service - The Library in Rethymno provides an official reference service to which users can address their enquiries. One main objective of the reference service is to educate users so that they can take full advantage of the available tools.
Interlibrary Loan Service - The Library provides interlibrary loan service and, according to statistical data, the Library of the University of Crete is one of the busiest libraries in Greece in terms of interlibrary loan requests and transactions. The Library is a founding member of Hermes, the Greek serials union catalogue.
Electronic Journals - The Library holds a significant - and rapidly growing - collection of electronic journals.
Databases - The Library provides access to specialized and multi-disciplinary databases in Greece and abroad. The databases can be accessed either on-line or through the local CD-ROΜ network of the Library. With the addition of the journals that are provided through the online databases, the Library provides access to more than 10,000 journal titles (more than 5,000 full texts).
The Library is a founding member of HEAL-Link, the Greek academic libraries consortium, which promotes cooperation among its members and supports common subscription to electronic resources and information services.
Digital Library - The Library of the University of Crete is one of the first among the Greek libraries to create a collection in digital format. At present the collection consists primarily of the theses and dissertations written by students at the University of Crete, along with technical reports and journals published within the University of Crete academic community, and a few digitised gravures. The digital library is freely accessible through the library web pages (
The European Documentation Centre - The Centre was established in July 1999 by a joint decision of the University of Crete and the Committee of the European Union and operates as a department of the University Library in Rethymno. It cooperatives closely with the Departments of the University that offer courses or conduct research related to issues of European integration.
More information about all of the above services and how to use them, as well as information about the numerous other services offered by the University Library, can be found at the Library’s website ( This website contains a full description of all the services offered, the activities in progress, the infrastructure of the library, and technical details. The website enables users to search and browse the library's collections, both print and electronic. All the available electronic resources are grouped together in sections (CD-ROMs, on-line databases, electronic journals, etc.), while the print collections may be traced through the electronic catalogue. Through the library website, electronic contact can be made with the interlibrary loan service to order material that the library does not hold, or the reference service for general or more specific enquiries.

Central Library in Rethymno
Tel: +30 28310 77810, Fax: +30 28310 77850
Hours: Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 22:00, Saturday: 09:00 - 14:00