Course Aims

The Psychology Course objectives are:

• To cultivate and promote scientific field of psychology through academic teaching and research.
• To provide students with the necessary resources in terms of theory, research and
practical training, that will allow them to actively angage in the development of
psychological knowledge and hence acquire the basic skills for the pursue of successful careers.

These objectives are achieved through structuring the Undergraduate Program of Studies, in a well-balanced so that it provides training in a wide range of subject-topics in fundamental areas of psychology science organized around seven "Circles", each including a wide spectrum of courses:
1. Fundamental Principles of Psychology
2. Methodology & Statistics
3. Developmental-School Psychology
4. Biopsychology & Neurosciences
5. Social & Political Psychology
6. Clinical & Health Psychology
7. Other courses

The array of courses offered within the seven “circles”, comprises the basic structure of the Undergraduate Program of Studies.